RF-Design specialize in the development, constructing and manufacturing of professional RF-equipment with an experience of more than 20 years. As a team of high qualified and motivated people the equipment reaches a very high quality standard.
The product range covers all necessary equipment to manage your IF, CATV and SAT-IF signals in a perfect way.
 RF-Design Products include:
·         RF-Distribution / Combining
·         Amplifiers
·         Broadband Switches
·         Redundancy Switches
·         Router Systems
·         RF over Fiber Links
·         Antenna Controller
·         Miscellaneous
Combined with innovative and intelligent management solutions like Embedded Ethernet Interfaces, the equipment can be monitored and controlled with HTTP and / or SNMP, making it very easy to implement the  equipment into network based systems like Cable Head Ends, Satellite Earth Stations and other Broadcast Systems.
All components and systems are, regarding quality, performance and innovative control- and monitoring solutions, so far developed, that a nearly 100% availability of our equipment can be guaranteed.


RF-Design - Professional RF-Equipment designed for perfect signals
Very broadband, high performance Switches usable from DC to 3GHz.
IF / CATV and L-Band N:N Router Systems
Antenna Controller Equipment from GloboTech
Passive components for special applications like impedanze matching