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PEAK P7025 Full Ku-band to IF DownConverter 2-stage

The P7025 series are next generation, fully synthesised Ku-Band DownConverters which provide a low-cost solution for systems requiring IF interfaces at 70MHz 18MHz, 140MHz 36MHz or switchable between 70 & 140MHz. The units incorporate a graphics display module, membrane keyboard and feature a clear and intuitive control and configuration menu, fully utilising the unique graphics display.

For redundancy the P7025 series utilise a simple CANBUS® interface and have an integral redundancy controller for 1+1 & 2+1 operation (for use with external R1000H, R2000H switch units), for N+1 systems a separate external control and switch unit is provided (RCU1000 series).

The P7000 series of converters are designed to meet the phase noise, spurious, level and frequency stability requirements of Intelsat IBS/ Eutelsat SMS specifications and is compliant with IESS308/ 309. The product is most suitable for both high and low rate data and both digital and analogue TV signals.


Compliant with IESS308/ 309 requirements

Suitable for use with latest high order modulation schemes in excess of 100Mbits/sec

Auxiliary L-Band Output in 2 bands

Integral 1+1 & 2+1 CANBUS® redundancy control & N+1 switch systems available

Gain/ temperature compensated

Software trimming of internal 10MHz reference

External alarm monitoring

Software switched spectrum Inversion

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