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After 20 years in the communication industry a number of skilled and like-minded individuals decided in 2005 to get together and form a company to provide professional and cost effective solutions. Divorcing ourselves from the large corporate environment allowed us as individuals in this company to be empowered to live out our dreams of uplifting the service level of the supply of satellite and microwave solutions in Africa and Europe while retaining ownership in Africa. In early 2006 a company trading in the US and Mauritius was added to ensure competitiveness in the global trading arena.

A concerted effort was made to re-unite the team that has excelled in the industry during the last 10 years. This was successfully completed so guaranteeing the provision of the most competitive solutions to our already growing list of GSM, teleco customers and satellite operators. In a relatively short time the company has already garnered the respect and support of a number of the large manufacturers in the industry as well as a reputation as a company doing business not only with efficiency but with integrity.

The future will focus on the training of skilled resources to ensure the ongoing quality of service while always adhering to our principles of equality, honesty, integrity and responsibility when dealing with customers and suppliers alike.

The Past 12 Months
  • Supply of AVR equipment to GSM operator in Mozambique
  • Supply of batteries (ongoing contract) to network operator in South Africa 
  • Supply of various satellite equipment to GSM operators in DRC
  • Supply of battery hybrid systems to network operator in Mozambique - DRC
  • Supply and installation of 300 low cost renewable energy GSM sites to network operator in DRC
  • Supply installation and maintenance of varoius equipment and systems to NGO's in South Africa and Kenya
  • Regional Hub equipment supply - DRC
  • Remote satellite infrastructure supply and installation - Congo B
  • Maintenance services for ASC Signal on KA BAnd installation in South Africa
  • Provision of RAN swop services in DRC
  • Microwave backbone installations in DRC and South Sudan
  • Supply, Installation and maintenance of mobile satellite antennas (Vehicle mount) for service provide in South Africa
  • Supply and maintenance of a 7,6 m antenna for a bank in Tanzania
  • Supply and installation of power solutions for ISP in South Africa
  • Ongoing supply and installation of 540 alternative energy small site GSM sites in DRC
  • Supply and installation of alternative energy small site in South Africa as test site for local operator
  • Supply and installation of alternative energy small site in Lesotho as test site for local operator
  • Supply and installation of a solar farm in South Africa