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Ten Reasons Why You Should Use TAG:
  1. We are focused on a specialized industry ensuring no dilution of our efforts to offer premium service.
  2. TAG is a medium sized organization small enough to care while large enough to cater for all customer needs.
  3. The owners and staff are vastly experienced in their chosen fields.
  4. We have the skills and street smarts needed to operate in Africa and beyond.
  5. We have already reached a high level of stability securing the success of the organization going forward
  6. Over the last ten years the owners and staff of TAG have developed a reputation of trustworthiness and integrity from both customers and suppliers alike. TAG has not and will not deviate from these principles.
  7. Dedication & passion - we love what we do
  8. We embrace the continual technological development of all staff.
  9. Those customers who have already dealt with TAG understand our dedication to loyalty and going the extra mile.
  10. The people are the shareholders.
All this has culminated in the following:

Competitive Pricing
Fantastic Response Times
Willingness to Adapt
Enhanced Service Levels