Solar Power Solutions For The Telecom Industry

From Large Scalable Solar Solutions to Ultra Low Cost and Hybrid Solar Solutions, Transtech Africa Global has a Solution for Uniquely African Conditions.

Scalable Solutions

Custome designed and delivered solutions to support full/partial loads.

Large Scale Solar  Solutions

Existing Infrastructure

  • Grid Tie Inverters with APC to block the feeding of power back onto the grid to  comply with South African Regulation.
  • Customised Solar design to fit into existing Infrastructure
  • Telecoms Grade Equipment.
  • Customisable to specific site space constraints.
  • System can support full/partial loads based on site consumption. Any additional load  requirement will be taken through the grid connection.


Large Scalable Solutions

Full turnkey solution from design to development and deployment.

Large Scalable Solar  Solutions

Greenfield Sites

  • Full DC Design with Inverters – Telecoms Grade.
  • Customisable panel configuration to fit into site requirement.
  • Designed to cater for the full load requirements of the diverse site specifications.
  • Minimal Foundation requirements.
  • Easy assembly and scalability.


Low cost solution

TAG has a solution for every possible application

Small Cell Integrated Power Solutions

Cost Effective Solution for Low Cost Solar sites

  • Low cost, fully integrated solutions.
  • MPPT Technology.
  • LVD & PLD & Priority load disconnect.
  • Built in 48V/24V DC/DC converter for Satellite modem power supply.
  • Graphing and trending communication with remote server as standard (GSM modem required)


Ultra Low Cost

Perfect low cost solution that rolls out very quickly

Ultra Low Cost Site – Non & Penetrating Foundation

15m to 30m

  • 15, 18, 21m & 26/30m Options.
  • Good business case for Both CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Perfect solution for Rural and other low ARPU sites.
  • No concrete works required.
  • Ease and speed of deployment makes this a roll-out winner.
  • Integrated Site Management System for Solar, Grid & Generator.


Turnkey Low Cost

Upgradeable solutions starting at 6m² wind loading and upgradeable to 48m²

Ultra Low Cost Site – Non & Penetrating Foundation

35m to 50m 

  • 35, 40 & 50m Options.
  • Baseline Model 6m² Wind Loading.
  • Upgradeable to higher loads without service interruption.
  • Upgrade Steps – 10, 13, 22 & 48m².
  • Upgrade Principle allows for cheapest possible initial rollout.
  • Co-Location partners pays for upgrades when required.
  • Various options for ladders, walkways, antenna mounts, etc.


Innovation is key

Innovation through our vast experience in remote areas is a key advantage

Ultra Low Cost Site – Innovation and Planned Development

Integrated Site Management System

  • Solar Charge Controller.
  • AC Battery Charger.
  • AMF.
  • Low Voltage Disconnect to protect Batteries.
  • WEB Based GUI for Monitor & Control.
  • Unique Ultra Low Cost Tower Solutions.
  • Non-penetrating foundations.
  • Extremely quick deployment.
  • Small footprint.
  • Suitable for temporary or permanent deployment.
  • Upgradeable for increased wind loadings.
  • Anti-Theft Devices and Systems.


Surge protection

Custom design based on individual site requirements

DEHN Lightening/Surge Protection

Lightening/Surge Protection

  • Customer specific design.
  • Based on tower specific/Area specific simulations to indicate vulnerability points.
  • Include HVI protection to increase the overall efficiency of the total solution.
  • Mulitple element designs.
  • RF/IP Protection for microwave antenna’s, etc.


All-In-One Systems

A fully secured solution utilizing both solar systems and generators

All-In-One Hybrid Power System

Hybrid Generator/Rectifier System

  • 48VDC Delta Rectifier system.
  • 8 x 305W Solar Panel Array.
  • Scalable Generator Size
  • Ideal deployment for difficult access and unstable Grid sites
  • Basic SPD Protection Multi level



Wide selection of power solutions including secure tamper proof solutions

Elcos & GL Generators

Customized Generators

  • Customer specific designs.
  • Fuel Tank.
  • Controllers.
  • Insulation levels (Silent, Super Silent).
  • Various Alternator Types.
  • High reliability in design and operation.
  • Anti tampering enclosure.
  • Main refuelling system.


“What our customers have to say”

“Incredible team that designed and installed a system we are proud to call ours. Thank you to the TAG SA Team”

“TAG’s efficiency and creativity allowed us to install in a very remote area in record time and within budget”

“These guys are at the top of their game with an engineering and design team that is World Class”